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My favorite spots on Hokkaido are Bihoro Pass, Mt Rishiri, Do-hoku area (North of Hokkaido) and the way to Erimo-Cape from Kushiro-city along Pacific Ocean.
I recommend Bi-ei and Furano. It's famous for lavender fields on gentle slopes on July.
The road, Okhotsk Kokudo (From Abashiri to Souya Cape), is worth biking. Because a taste of wind is very special!! I haven't tasted it in other countries

Hiking guide <Rishiri & Rebun islands>
I climbed Mt.Rishiri 15 year's ago, may be the middle of July.
I stayed in Rishiri Youth Hostel located at the front of a entrance of a track to Mt.Rishiri.
The youth hostels staffs often offer a tour of Rishiri hiking but at that day I attended there is no one except me.
We departed at 5 o'clock in the morning and reached the top at noon.
Our climbing starts from the sea level so I remembered that was a tough hiking.
Weather was fine so we could see Sakhalin island.
It took about 3 hours to go back to YH.
The ferry to main land of Hokkaido departure the late of afternoon so you can catch.
There are two courses for hiking generally, Kutsukake and Washidomari route.
Oniwaki course is said to a dangerous.
Rishiri is located in one of the northeast island, so the best season is between the middle of June to middle of August.
Rishiri Milk.
Hasegawa noodle shop.
Both are tasty.
Rebunn island have a good tracking course
It is said "8 hours course with Love and Romance" along the west beach.
NOTE:Don't drink water in the river and the spring water.
In the water there may exist some small worms and they will bite your stomach after 8 years of silence.

.picture is Poppy field at Furano.

Shirakaba tree road at Tokachi Field.

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