Cycling in Noto Peninsula

In Noto Peninsula, the coastline of peninsula which faces Japan Sea is called 'Soto-ura' (the outside inlet) and the coastline which faces Toyama pref. is called 'Uchi-ura' (the inside inlet).

A rough coastline follows 'Soto-ura'. As for 'Uchi-ura', the coastline by which a wave is quiet follows.

Recommended course:

When you cycle around Noto peninsula, start from Kanazawa City and go along coastline clockwise if possible.

Kanazawa city - Hakui city

Run through Route 249 to Shika town, and use a prefectural road from there. Because the prefectural road runs along the coastline, traffic is small and the region is dotted with the beautiful place of the scene as well. It is required to enter Route 249 for a while at Togi town and then go into the prefectural road again. Run through Route 249 from Monzen town to Wajima City.

Wajima City - Rokkosaki

Run through Route 249, and run through the prefectural road on the way from Suzu city. Because this route is near the coastline, the sea can be seen nearby. The half of this section is going up and down and the other half is flat.

Rokkosaki - Noto town

After running about 30 Km from Rokkosaki along the coastline, the prefectural road joins Route 249. Because flat road continues, you can run smoothly. At Uchiura town, go through the prefectural road again.

Noto town - Nanao city

Run through Route No.249 in a straight line. From Noto town to Anamizu town, run through inland part. From Anamizu town to Nanao city, run along coastline. You should be careful because traffic increases when you go into Nanao City.

Nanao City - Himi City

Ride a bike along the beach on R160 after passing through the downtown of Nanao City. Then there is ups and downs about 10km, but basically not so hard.

Sight Points


You will see the steep walls sharpened by high waves of Japanese Sea. That is the prefectural road from Shiga-Cho.


There is the sand beach right after riding in Monzen-Cho. The beach is called ‘Naki Suna-No-Hama’, which means ‘Crying Sand Beach’in English. This is named after that the sand sound ‘kyu-kyu’by stepped on by shoes.

The Route of ROKKOZAKI

This locates at the most east of the Route 249 in Noto Peninsula, and there is a lighthouse. You will see SADO Island when the weather is good.


Youth Hostel

Kanazawa City MATSUI Youth Hostel, KANAZAWA Youth Hostel
Wajima City WAJIMA-CHORAKUJI Youth Hostel, SOSOGIKAJIYAMA Youth Hostel
Uchiura Cho NOTORYOBI Youth Hostel

Cycling Terminals

(Those have accommodation)

Uchinada Cycling Terminal
Tomirai Cycling Terminal

Access to Ishikawa Pref.

by Train

Access From Tokyo
Tokyo - (Joetsu Shinkansen) - Echigoyuzawa - (Hakutaka) - Kanazawa

Access From Osaka
Osaka - (Super Raicho or Thunder Bird) - Kanazawa

Key words

Word(English)Japanese pronunciation
'Route'(national road)Koku-do
prefectural roadKen-do
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