Welcome !

Welcome to Japan.

We are a group of Japanese who love to travel around the world by bicycle. As I telling about myself, I've already visited many places and met a lot of cyclists in abroad. However, there are not so many cyclists who ever been to Japan. Unfortunately, most of the cyclists are not even thinking of visiting Japan. Why...?

Is it very expensive to travel in Japan? The answer is "NO". It is always possible to find cheaper way to move around, accommodate,and buy things. Japan is not a country only with SONY, TOYOTA, Samurai and Geisha girls. There are plenty of beautiful sites to see, interesting history to learn and above all the local people are very kind and hospitable. So why don't you come and find something in Japan by yourself?

This is a web site introduce what cycling around in Japan is like. Feel Japan as it is!

uploaded:08, 11, 2005