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Try Japanese traditional food:Natto(納豆)

Natto : Fermented Soy bean (also know as soy bean cheese)

Each country has traditional national foods. Kimuchi(Korean pickles) in Korea, Injera in Ethiopia, Chou-Dou-fu in Taiwan,....and Natto in Japan !!

Most of foreigners are perplex with these fermented foods.
However, don't be afraid of trying traditional food: Natto. You may be able to taste Natto only in Japan but never in anywhere else.

Natto is quite healthy food. It is just fermented soy beans.

Where to find Natto

Every supermarket(sometimes even convenience stores) have Natto. You will find it near Soybean curd(Tofu,豆腐) in a refrigerator.
It is truely chap; only 100 Yen per package come with2~3 containers.
If you are not fanatic to food adventures, buy the freshest one and try as soon as possible.
Natto's expiry date is about 10 days after production. But fresher is easier for Natto beginners because of less smell.

How to taste Natto

Open your package and stir it well.
Add the attached sauce or regular soy sauce together with mustard(if you like).
Place them on the top of cooked rice. Then enjoy your LIFE

Natto pakkageNatto pakkage
Natto pakkageNatto pakkage

For more information about Natto and when you miss Natto after your trip
Visit this interesting web site.link.gifNatto for everybody[E] [J]

uploaded:08, 11, 2005