Better communication with Japanese people.

There are foreign travellers who say Japanese people are very kind to them, even though many Japanese hardly speak any English. They try their best to communicate in English, using lots of body and sign languages together with useful Japanese words.

When you look for someone who speaks English, try young students(gakuseisan,学生さん), staff at train stations(Eki-in san,駅員さん), or police officers(omawarisan,お巡りさん), etc. This way you will have more chance to come across someone who speaks good English, even in rural areas.

I recommend the use of a notepad to write something down for better communication. In most cases, Japanese are better reading and writing, than hearing and speaking English.

Try to speak Japanese!

Since you are adventuresome to come to Japan, do not spend all your time for looking for somebody who can speak English. Try to learn and speak some Japanese, so that you can feel closer to Japan and its culture. Here is some useful Japanese.

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uploaded:19, 07, 2009