Hokkaido: Riding Guide

Riding Guide


Lakes in Hokkaido Lakes in Hokkaido I edit this LAKE description as the top. Because I'm proud of that there are so many mystic lakes and ponds in Hokkaido.
Visit there, then you can know what I mean. There is no doubt to recommend Lake Shikotsu, Lake Kussharo and Lake Mashu.

However, the attractive place is not only above bigger lakes, but also smaller quiet lakes and ponds.
Lake Okotanpe, Lake Chimikeppu and Pond Kinmuto also should be visited.

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Coast Lines

Coast lines in Hokkaido Personally I strongly recommend between Kushiro and Nemuro.
Here, you can see wild northern coast for whole of 2 days.

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Mountain Passes

Mountain Passes in HokkaidoThere are very beautiful passes.
Especially Bihoro Pass and Shiretoko Pass is famous and worthy of the name.

Please be careful to ride around passes.

You also have to watch deers! Please ride slowly.

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uploaded:18, 02, 2006