Pedalling Japan - end to end


  1. Beginnings - and a World Peace Bell:
  2. Return to Soya - the Hokkaido journey:
  3. Contented life of a bicycling nomad:
  4. Journeying through Honshu
  5. Courteous traffic, clumsy mishap, and a love curiosity:
  6. Kyushu, here we come:
  7. But the bike ride was not over yet
  8. Postscript

Author's Note

Roy Sinclair is a New Zealand cyclist, author/photographer, and onetime newspaper reporter. In 2004, with the Christchurch City Council, he established The New Zealand Chapter of the World Peace Bell Incorporated. He is presently also a part-time tram driver, ticket collector and tour guide on the popular Christchurch heritage tramway - confirming an idyllic life in the slow lane. A recent book is titled Route 6, a Classic South Island Bike Ride. His one big wish is that Route 6 could be read in Japanese.
He is happy to offer advice and help for Japanese cyclists visiting New Zealand. (in English or Japanese)

uploaded:19, 08, 2006