8. Postscript

Our ride, from August 24 to November 12, 2004 proved an ideal time of year for a north to south bike journey. We reached northern Honshu early September, or late summer. Daytime temperatures were mostly a comfortable 20 to 30 deg Celsius. We could also avoid the sultry heat of Honshu (July and August) and the crowds of holiday makers.

Returning to Tokyo we continued bike riding, utilising rail and sea ferry journeys. We rode across the Seto Sea from Shikoku to Honshu on a series of beautifully-engineered island-hoping bridges. The 69 kilometre road route was opened about five years ago with the bridges built to include cycling/walking paths. Cyclists pay tolls (total about 600 yen) for the entire ride. This must be one of the world's great recreation bike rides, crossing a beautiful sea with busy shipping. We dismantled our bikes for a final time in Osaka.

Total Japan bike finished at 4421 kilometres, or 2621 miles.

Haruko used the popular motor cycling road maps Touring Mapple series (printed in Japanese) offering incredible details, including camping grounds and onsens.


[7. But the bike ride was not over yet]

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