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Invitation to Shibamata & Edogawa Cycling
The home town of Vagabond Tora-san

This time we visit Shibamata and cycle along the Edogawa River; to the Pony Farm, south of Shibamata, and to the Mizumoto Park, north of Shibamata. The terrain is flat. Total length is 33 km, just good length for a novice cyclist and a family. [Shibamata] Well known as the home town of Tora-san in a series of movies 『男はつらいよ』(Story of vagabond Tora-san),Strolling the street is a good way to enjoy Shibamata . Shibamata Taishakuten, a temple, is famous for sculptures. Yamamoto House was built in Meiji era, and its garden are worth visit. Admission fee for Yamamoto House is 100 yen, or 550 yen which covers Tora-san Museum also. There are shops and restaurants on both side of the main street that leads to the temple. [Mizumoto Park] We cycle through this spacious park with large water area. Tall trees for 1.2 km makes you feel as if you were in Hokkaido.


Please contact us, JCN, using an email form and fill in the boxes in the form with the Subject: Shibamata-Edogawa Cycling.
If you could tell us your mobile phone number in the text box of the form, that would be very helpful for communication on the day of the event. Additionally, if you could mention your home city and country, that would be nice.
Please bring this "program" with you when you join this event. (Designed to be printed on both sides of an A4 sheet, easy to carry when folded.)
Also if you have any question, please ask in our dedicated web board for this ride.
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May 23, 2009 (Sat)

Meeting Time & Place

9:30 Infront of Shibamata Station, Keisei line [Start Time] 10:00 [End time] 15:30

Car Parking

Available at Kita Koiwa Parking or Kami Shinozaki Parking both on the Edogawa’s riverside.

Ride Plan

(33km) 9:30 Shibamata-Pony Farm-Shibamata(sight seeing, lunch) - Mizumoto Park-15:30 Shibamata

Registration fee



Helmet, Health insurance certificate


Bring your own or rent at Tora-san’s Museum for 400 Yen


Bring your own

Support Car

NA. Bring your own tools and spare tube

In case of rain

This event is cancelled


JCN shall not be held responsible for any injury or death of participants. Participants are responsible for taking care of and fixing malfunctions of their own bike. In such event, JCN staff may try to be of any help but that should not be construed as the evidence of JCN and/or JCN staff having shared responsibility in principle.

uploaded:24, 05, 2009