Mt. Asama and Komoro ride (closed)

9 Sep. 2005 JCN Komoro Ride

Myougi Mountain

The course

Let's ride with us in pleasurable high plains, lying in the border between Nagano and Gunma. We'll start at Sakudaira Station, to which it takes an hour and a half from Tokyo Station by Shinkansen, then head off to high plains in the border. After climbing 450 meters vertical up, we'll arrive at entrance of Myougi - Arafune forest road. This is all paved and has a great view, because this road was made combining with as sightseeing road.

Turn off at Mt. Happu and descend the mountains in the direction of Karuizawa Town. From Oiwake, we go through rural road away from traffic jam of R18. Of course they are all paved.

The map is here, the profile is here.

The lodging

You can go back home from Komoro Station on the same day, or reserve a usual hotel. But how about stay the night in the eccentric lodging? Komoro city government give special consideration to us, so that we can stay at historical reference library which was made in imitation of Honjin. Honjin is an inn officially designated as a lodging for a daimyo (a feudal lord) in the Edo period. This will be really precious opportunity for you. (Indeed, also for us.)

There is no meals and no bedding - so you might have to bring your sleeping bag - but the lodging expense is FREE!

Take Onsen in close vicinity to the library. It cost 1,000 yen. Also there are many restaurants around there.

Note:The library will be open only on 9 Sep. 2005. At other times, this is closed due to the cost of maintaining.

We'll guide you!

We JCN staffs feel happy to ride with you. We'll guide you from Sakudaira Station to Komoro city, and lodge in the library with you. Of course it's free of charge.

Anybody who would like to participate can participate. But we have to know the number of participants in advance. Please email us if you'd like to enter or you have any question, with following information; name, contact address that we should call if you ever be in trouble en route, stay in the library or not.

Time appointed for assembling and appointed place

9 Sep. 2005 Friday 8:30 AM

JR Sakudaira Station ticket barrier

10 Sep. Cycling Festival Asama

On the following day, Cycling Festival ASAMA will be held. It mainly consist of 3 programs; 1,000m forest road which is flat and has nice view, 1300m forest road which aimed at kids' ranger mountain bike, and Kurumazaka hill climbing. Why don't you come in with them?

Komoro city government and local volunteers present this programs, we JCN only aid them. If you'd like to participate, send Komoro City Office your application below;

Cycling Festival ASAMA application blank(pdf)

1.000m Forest Road

Appendix: The train course

From Tokyo to Sakudaira

Shinkansen Asama 551

Departure time 6:52 Tokyo Station

Arrival time 8:23 Sakudaira Station

Total amount of money: \6370 (fare \2940 charge \3430)

From Komoro to Tokyo

Shinano Line

Departure time 18:20 Komoro Station

Arrival time 18:44 Karuizawa Station

Shinkansen Asama 528

Departure time 19:04 Karuizawa Station

Arrival time 20:16 Tokyo Station

Total amount of money: \6170 (fare \2940 charge \3230)

If you need further informations, look up details at Hyperdia[E].

uploaded:05, 12, 2005