Ride with us! (Closed)

We JCN feel happy to ride a bike with you. We'll take you on a tour of choice that we really recommend. Please feel free to contact us and come in with it!

Invitation to Cherry Blossoms Viewing Ride along Hanamigawa River in Chiba City

This time we will cycle from Kemigawahama Beach on Tokyo Bay near Makuhari, Chiba City toward north all the way up to Inba Lake. Between Hanashima bridge and Bentenbashi bridge is an area where the bank of the river is not covered with any artificial materials for about 3km [photo], which is one of the most scenic part of the tour. This area is designated as the sanctuary for birds hence good place for bird watching, and there are cherry trees, among others, along the way. The destination of the tour is “Sakura Furusato Park,” 31km from the beach, where you will see a Dutch-style windmill. We will have lunch there, then turn around to cycle back to where we started to finish a total 62km tour. This cycling event is good for all ages with different cycling experiences - novice as well as experienced cyclists, but those family with small children might want to turn around at Bentenbashi bridge past the sanctuary,13km from the starting point, which will make the tour a total 26km round trip.

Also if you have any question, please ask in our dedicated web board for this ride.

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Date & Time

March 28, 2009 (Sat)
Time: 9:30-15:30

In case of rain, This event is cancelled.

Meeting Point

9:30 Kemigawahama station at JR Keiyo line. 

Cycling Plan: length 25km

10:00 Nihombashi 10:30 Start-Ryogoku-Mukojima-Asakusa-Ueno--Koishikawa-Imperial Place-Shimbashi [the ride event ends at around 15:30] 


Bring your own. Rinko is required to bring your bike into trains.

Lunch, drink

Bring your own


Take JR Keiyo line at Tokyo terminal station, getting off at Kemigawahama station, 7th stop, 31 min. Train fare is 540 yen, one way.


Helmet (Free rent available, FIFS advance arrangement required), Health insurance certificate.

Support Car

Not available. Bring your own tools and a spare tube.


Mr. Takao Shibuya’s website contents “Hanamigawa-Inbanuma-Tonegawa Cycling Course Guide”is helpful for this event. We appreciate his permission for our use of his 3 photos.


JCN shall not be held responsible for any injury or death of participants. Participants are responsible for taking care of and fixing malfunctions of their own bike. In such event, JCN staff may try to be of any help but that should not be construed as the evidence of JCN and/or JCN staff having shared responsibility in principle.

uploaded:19, 04, 2009