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We JCN feel happy to ride a bike with you. We'll take you on a tour of choice that we really recommend. The fee of guide is free of charge. Please feel free to contact us and come in with it!

Cycle between Rice Fields ~A Free Guided Tour in Chiba~(closed)

JCN-organized one day cycling tour is intended to provide urban residents with an opportunity to get away and cycle on rural path between rice fields in Chiba, 50km east of Tokyo. It's free of charge.

The date

Date: Sun., Jan. 20, 2008

Time: 10:00-15:00

IF IT RAINS, the event is postponed until next Sunday only once.


In front of the La Park shopping center [Address: 3-21-1 Chishirodai-kita, Wakaba-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba-ken. Free car parking is available.]

Point a mouse cursor at the left side of the route in the map below. Red icon that indicates La Park shopping center will appear.


Gather at 10:00 and start at 10:30 in front Chishirodai of Chiba Urban Monorail, go through rural paths between rice fields (picture top), Izumi Nature Park(lunch),, Heiwa Park, and back to Chishirodai at 14:30 and ready to leave at 15:00.

Point a mouse cursor at the right side of the route in the map below. Red icon that indicates Izumi Nature Park will appear.


Bring your own. Rinko is required to bring your bike into trains.

Bike transportation from Tokyo Station by our car is available. It costs 1,600 yen per one bike there and back. We carry only bikes, so you are supposed to get on a train. If users are very few, the transport car may not run.


Bring your own.


TRAIN: In order to get to Chishirodai, take a JR Sobu Rapid train to Chiba station, transfer to Chiba Urban Monorail train to Chishirodai station, the terminal of the line.

TRAIN COSTS: JR train from Tokyo to Chiba 620 yen; Chiba Urban Monorail from Chiba to Chishirodai 450 yen. Total 1070 yen, one way. TOLL: Shuto Exp. 700 yen; Keiyo Exp. 500 yen. Total 1,200 yen, one way.

You can run a search for more detailed information by Hyperdia.

CAR: Take Shuto Expressway, then Keiyo Expressway toward Chiba, get off at Kaizuka exit on to Route 51, turn right when you reach Monorail track hung overhead, proceed alongside the monorail toward the end.

Route Map

Enlarged Map (www.bikely.com)

uploaded:20, 02, 2008