Ride with us! (Closed)

We JCN feel happy to ride a bike with you. We'll take you on a tour of choice that we really recommend. The fee of guide is free of charge. Please feel free to contact us and come in with it!

Ashigara Pass Touring

This JCN-organized One Day Tour, Ashigara in Kanagawa is intended to offer a scenic ride; cycle to the peak of Ashigara Pass overlooking magnificent view of Mt. Fuji. It is not meant for a novice cyclist. You would enjoy colored leaves.

Date & Time

November 30, 2008 9:30-14:30

In case of rain, the event is postponed to the next Sunday, only once.

Meeting Point

At 9:30 in front of the Yaga station (谷峨駅), JR Gotenba Line (JR 御殿場線).

Cycling Plan: length 32km, elevation 640m

Leave Yaga station at 10:00AM, cycle along the route with the length of 32km and the elevation of 640m, then come back to where started at 14:30.


Bring your own. Rinko is required to bring your bike into trains.

Lunch, drink

Bring your own. We plan to have lunch at the peak of Ashigara Pass. You can buy food for lunch and drink at a convenience store on the course before attacking the pass.


Train from Tokyo: Take JR Tokaido line (JR 東海道線), 7:02 leaving Tokyo bound for Odawara (小田原), 8:16 arriving and getting off at Kozu station (国府津駅) after one hour and fourteen minutes' ride. Transfer to JR Gotenba line (JR 御殿場線) at Kozu station, take 8:40 train leaving Kozu bound for Numazu (沼津), 9:08 arriving at Yaga station (谷峨駅) after twenty eight minutes' ride. You can run a search for more detailed information by Hyperdia.

Car: Take Tomei Expressway (東名高速道路), exit at Oi-Matsuda interchange (大井松田IC). You may park your car at Yamakita Michinoeki (道の駅 山北), i.e. road station, parking area, which is ten minutes away from the Yaga station by bike.

Route Map


Helmet, health insurance certificate, age12 or above.

Support Car

Not available. So bring your own repair tools, spare tube and parts to fix bike puncture and other light problems.


JCN shall not be held responsible for any injury or death of participants. Participants are responsible for taking care of and fixing malfunctions of their own bike. In such event, JCN staff may help participants but that fact should not be construed as the evidence of JCN and/or JCN staff having shared responsibility in principle.

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