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Iwate and Akita

Question 4/11

Konnichiwa, Osamu san,

Thanks for your advice. It sounds like it will be a problem to use the bike boxes, so we'll plan on using plastic sheeting instead, and perhaps storing the boxes at the airport.

We're looking forward to a good trip. Although we're flying to Kansai to visit Kyoto, we will spend most of our time (about a week) in Iwate and Akita. Do you have any particular suggestions of good places to visit there? I am looking forward to the small towns, mountains, onsen, and the coast.




MT.Choukai at coust line between Akita and Iwate Prefecture. Beautiful mountain, must be covered by snow on the top. Great down hill heading to Japan Sea. Nice view from R7.

Mt Hachiman-tai13 Onsens.
Farther information in course guide of my site.


Tono sity
intersection of R340 and R396 in Iwate Prefacture
the town of folklore.

the coast

Akita side is almost flat.
Iwate is complex of uphils and down hills.
Must be hard but great view and can eat fresh row fish at Miyako city and other cities.
If you prefer!!

It must be cold on rainy day and moutain place.
Watch your cloth wet or you will be freeze.

Bike shop in Kyushu

Question 4/11

>Am leaving for Fukuoka tomorrow and just found your site. Am
>taking my cycling clothes and was hoping to rent either a
>mountain/touring/road/cyclo-cross bike during my two week vacation in
>Fukuoka. Can you please recommend a cycling shop to either rent or
>purchase a bicycle mentioned above.
>Any tips for cycling Kyushu Island would be appreciated.
>I prefer to ride and stay at Inns along the way.
>Thank You for your assistance


I show you the most famous bike shop in Fukuoka.

NAME:Nanbei shokai
1-3-9 Fujioka Sawara-ku Fukuoka city.

I hope you can see this e-mail during your stay in Kyushu

SUPERB PRO & Bike shop in Tokyo

Question 4/11

>Hallo to the JACC,
>Domo arigato gozaimasu to your members for providing homestay while I am
>jitensha touring in Nihon during May and June,1999.I have a friend in
>Meborun,Osutoraria whose name is Peter and he is a racing cyclist.He
>would like to know if any jitensha shop, wholesaler, stockist or
>manufacturer in Nihon has SUNTOUR spare parts under the SUPERB PRO
>range.If you know of anyone please give me an E-mail address or a postal
>address for correspondence so Peter can order the parts.
>Thanking you,
>From the hen na gaijin,
>'I love Japanese food but I hate chopsticks',
>Robert Davey.


These days this part is hard to find.
My cycling friend said you can find some parts of SUPERB PRO, but like rear gear or hub are rear in shops now.

If Peter don't hesitate some hassle I can show you two bike shops that may stock SUPERB PRO parts.

Shop name:
Narushima Friend Shop
2-37-7 Sendagaya Shibuya-ku Tokyo/zip151-0051
Tel&fax 03-3405-9614

Shop name:
Sagami Cycle Center
242-1 Higashi-kibogaoka Asahi-ku Yokohama city Kanagawa Prefecture /zip

I hope he can fine what he needs.

How to bring bike on shinkansen

Question 4/11


I've enjoyed reading your page -- thanks so much.

I'm planning a trip to Japan later this month. We'll be flying into Osaka
Kansai, and plan on taking the shinkansen into northern Japan. I'm not
sure what the best way to get the bikes around within the country is, so
maybe you could give me some advice here.

Everything I've read suggests that carrying a normal-size bike box onto
the shinkansen is not the best plan, and may not work. It sounds like
taking the wheels off and wrapping the bikes in plastic sheeting may work
OK, and be close enough to the rinko-bukuro.

Is it right that we won't be able to take the bikes, as boxed, on the
shinkansen? Is there any checked baggage on the trains?

Can we store the boxes anywhere? Does the Kansai airport have a
luggage office where we could leave the boxes for a couple weeks?

Or, are the boxes easy enough to come by that I can toss mine and plan
on picking up a new one at the airport? The airline (KAL) hasn't been
able to figure out whether they sell the boxes at the airport or not.

Any other suggestions?

Doomo arigatoo gozaimasu,


Konnichiwa, Henry san.

Traveling by bike is not so populor in Japan.
The airport and train company doesn't care about bike.

I don't know about the bike box because it is so rare to see someone use it
in Japan.

Carrying your bike as it is by airplane then taking the wheels off and
wrapping the bikes in plastic sheeting is best way when you get on a train.

You don't have to buy some certain bike bag to get in any transportation,
just wrap your bike with some sheeet.

I've heard that some forign travelor use his tent for wrapping their bike...

License or certification to rent and ride a bicycle

Question4/11 Ching-Huei Lai -san

Dear Sir. :
It is so lucky for us to find the web. Finally, we could ask something about bicycle in English.
We are not professional cyclists, just general visitors plan to Hokkaido in July this year. If it is possible, we plan to rent bicycles in some area. Our question is : would it need any license or certification to rent and ride a bicycle ?
May you have a good day ! Thank you for your reading, and look foreword to your reply.

Ching-Huei Lai


To rent a bicycle, you don't have to show any license or certification.
But I'm afried that you cannot find any bike rental shops in Hokkaido.

There is one staff that help Japan Cycling Navigator in Hokkaido.
How about to ask her about it.
First visit this site "ECIEA"
The site master is our staff.

Good luck.
Any other question is welcome.

Why Tandem is not allowed?

Question(2/17) Wim van der Linden-san

I was actually curious why riding tandem's is not allowed in Japan. Would you
mind to explain this to me?


Because it is not allowed to ride two persons on one bike.
I think it is the only reason.

So Japanese bicycle companies don't make a tandem and bicycle shops
don't sell it. So it is not popular in Japan.


May be you think it strange that in our country the law says a bicycle
should ride on the road but a pliceman, a driver, and a pedestrian thinks
bicycle should ride on walk way because it's dengreous.


After all, we Japanese cyclists doesn't care what a law and a policeman say
to us.
We just keep a safty ride by ourselves.

Actually I have never seen any tandem cyclist in Tokyo and other area so I'm
not sure it is dengerous or not.
Even if you make your tandem ride in Japan and you happen to be stopped by a
police man, it is rare that you have to pay some penalty for
breaking traffic rules.
Just listen their warning in Japanese for a minites.

Question (8/28) Nils Ferry-san

I enjoy touring by bicycle in Japan with my fiance. I haven't tried one, but a tandem MTB looks like fun. Some questions:

I've read that tandems are illegal in most parts of Japan. Is it true? (Or more importantly, will anyone bother me about it?)

How can I buy a tandem MTB in Japan? Or... ship one to Japan?

Thanks,Nils.Osaka Japan


Yes, except Nagano, It is.
But actually no one care about it.

For example, you can see rental tandems at resourt areas in many prefecture.

In Osaka there is a Cannondale Japan. They sell a tandem MTB.
Tel 0722-99-9399

Try to contact.
I've heard staffs can speak English.
May be you can get farther information about tandems in Japan.

Good luck !!.

cannondale dealer in amori

Question (1/11) Jasen Garrison-san

I was hoping you could help me find a cannondale dealer in amori prefecture, and if they would even carry bikes my size 19-20"?


TERUI cycle shop

zip 031-0072
3-3-2 joka Hachinohe city
tel 0178-22-3003
I'm not sure whether this shop is a dealer or not but it is the best one in Aomori.

Cycle shop MATSUZONO

zip 020-01107
2-37-6 Matsuzono Morioka city
tel 0196-61-3836
This shop is in Iwate Prefecture and a dealer of the cannondale.

This shop's web site is written in Japanese only but they can accept e-mail In English.

How about mail order?

Nagasy International

This shop's web site is written in Japanese only but they can accept e-mail In English.

They cannnot accept any credit cards. Payment must be done by money order or something like that.

They also said you have to pay some extra fee like, a tax , a postage and so on.
I hope you contact them and get a good gear with a cool price.

In Osaka there is a Cannondale Japan.

Tel 0722-99-9399

Try to contact.
I've heard staffs can speak English.

Good luck!!

female cyclists to tour alone

Question (12/7) Loren-san

I have been told that Japan is a very safe country, but is it possible (and SAFE!!) for female cyclists to tour alone?


Yes, I think it is possible for female cyclists to tour alone.

We often see female motorcyclists by camping.

I have some advices for your safty ride.

*If you are going to travel by camping, you have to find a camping ground where some family (or couple) camper will stay same night.

*Arrive the place you are going to stay one night before it gets dark.

When Japanese cyclists travel, we like to stay a night at a small park at town, a station of no station staff, a river side, a beach side and so on. But it is sometimes dangerous or feel dengerous.

Because some bad boys (I don't know how to say about them. They like to ride motorcycle with huge noise. What we call "Boso-zoku") also like to gather those places at midnight.

To avoid those ploblems I recommend to travel on Summer vacation or travel Kyushu or Shikoku on Spring vacation. At those place you will see many good (and SAFE!!) tourists and they will help you.

I hope you enjoy your Japan cycling!!
Good luck.

Golden Week(Begining of May)

Question(12/7) mike blackwell-san

After enjoying Hokkaido, I am beginning to plan another trip to Japan. Perhaps early in 1999.At this point, we are thinking about Kyushu and Shikoku. I have the following questions:

--We are thinking about late April and early May. Do you think it will be impossible to find hotel and minshuku during Golden Week? In order to remain flexible, we do not like to make reservations

--What about camping? Do you think it is worthwhile to carry tents and sleeping bags for occasional use when outside the cities.?

--Has traffic on Shikoku become heavy, now that the new bridges to Honshu are open?

--Is there a "Touring Mapple" for these areas? I have the 1: 500,000 maps in the series "Area Mappu". What is your recommendation?

Any ideas or suggestions that you can give us will be greatly appreciated.

Best regards



Find hotel and minshuku during Golden Week
Yes, people in Kyushu and Shikoku are very kind for travelers to camp at a small park and so on. And there are many good place to pitch your tent. But be careful at night on mountain area, it may be still cold.

What about camping?
Main roads in everywhere must be heavy traffic but if you go out side of cities or find side road I think it is not a ploblem.

Has traffic on Shikoku become heavy?
I think it is hard to find minshuku after you reach the town you are going to stay one night, especialy 3-5 on May. But the business hotels, they are only found at cities, may have a vacancy.

Is there a "Touring Mapple" for these areas?
Yes there is.Shikoku and Chugoku version and Kyushu and Okinawa version are sold.
I think Touring Mapple is best for cyclists.

Travel down through Honshu

Question (10/22) Paul Jackson Augusta-san

Is it possible to ride from southern Honshu (Shimanoseki) to northern Honshu(Aomori) in 15 days ??And, if so, do you know of a bike route map? I want to try it someday!



From Shomonoseki to Aomori It may be 1.500km length. So if you ride everyday and around 100km you can do whole distance. I recommend to ride between the end of July (after rain season) to October (Aomori area gets cold by October).

Have a good ride!!

Bike shops near Kyoto

Question (10/22) Parham Zolfaghari-san

Dear Sir

I very much enjoyed reading your web-site. I have just moved from England to Kyoto and plan to cycle around the area out of work hours and would like also to join a club in the area who race. Firstly though I w as wondering if you cold let me know of bike shops around the area who sell who sell road racing bikes. Since I cann ot speak Japanese finding these shops at the moment is very difficult. I would be grateful if you could let me know of these shops and clubs around Kyoto area.

Thanks very much



Sorry for not to send e-mail to you. I bought new PC and lost whole adresses. I wish you can check this page again.

Both bicycle shops are near the Kyoto Station.(reported by Yuko Nakagawa of MCTC)

*To-yo cycle
59-9 nishi-kyogoku matsuo kisono cho kyoto city
tel 075-391-1600

*Iwai shokai
omiya dori tuzuya kudaru simokyo-ku Kyoto city
tel 075-341-2101

Her club mate is now checking bicycle club in Kyoto

Another shop(from JACC)
*419PRESTO They have road training.
PLACE: In front of Doshisha University (near Kyoto city)
Doshisha mae (JR gakken toshi line)
or Kodo kubo (kintetsu kyoto line)

tel&fax 0744-65-3533

I asked about English speaking guest and a staff said that even they can't speak English well but are willing to accept you.

Enjoy one day trip!!

Freey to Rebun and Rishiri island, Hokkaido

Question (7/28) Nikki Torigoe-san

Some answers moved to another pages.I am planning to go to Hokkaido during Obon yasumi, but haven't been able to find the ferry schedules to Rebunto and Rishirito from Wakkanai. Is there somewhere online that I can find it?



This association below may tell you the collect ferry schedules of this year.
Off course you can write in English.
Good luck.

ECIEA:Ebetsu Citizens' International Exchange Association
They'll accept your general questions about Hokkaido.
Ebetsu city is near Sapporo, Furano and Mt.Daisen.


Please check new Area guide > Hokkaido > to island

Bike shops in Japan that sell via mail order

Question (7/24) Stephen G Boyall-san

Could anyone advise me if there are any Bike shops in Japan that sell via mail order?. I have been buying my bike gear from the USA, but the Australian dollar has dropped so much against the US dollar that it is now too expensive.

Any information would be appreciated.


I was looking for some mail order shop by internet and I found one site and asked about the mail order to forign countries.

This shop's web site is written in Japanese only but they can accept e-mail In English.

They cannnot accept any credit cards.Payment must be done by money order or something like that.

They also said you have to pay some extra fee like, a tax , a postage and so on.
I hope you contact them and get a good gear with a cool price.


Nagasy International


Good luck!!

Rainy season in Japan

Question(5/24) Wolfgang Hlawatsch-san

Hello,I am going to see Japan by bike this year. Unfortunately I get my holidays in the time from june to july, which hits the raining season. My plans are to go to Tokyo and then go through the mountains to Hokkaido. I don't mind having a few drops of water falling down, but the thought of having rain all day is not what I expect. My interest is,what is the raining season like? At the end of it- can one dare to go for cycling? Hokkaido has no raining season. what about north of Honshu? I am not unprepared yet- for everybody to go for cycling in Japan I would advice to look for the book: "CYCLING JAPAN", ISBN 4-7700-1742-1.In that book they mention, one coud travel with the bike by a ferry-boat. So transport by train is not the only choice!
In fact, this is what I plan to do, at least one way in the south-north-directon (or vice versa).
Another question: Do you know about the slopes in the mountain roads?
Anyway- thank you very much for some climate information.


what is the raining season like?
It's depends on each year.
Some year it rains 5days in a week. Some year 1 or 2 days.
Some day it is just a few rain and some day it keep rains 1 or 2 days long.
A fewer chance to get sunshine than other season.
So it is hard to say that one dare to go for cycling or not.
If you are lucky this year will not rain so much.
I haven't got this year's rainy season information.
Contact us again before you leave your country.
I will be able to tell you about it.
what about north of Honshu?
Usually it rains as same as other Honshu.

Folding bike with a trailer

Question(3/15) Ludwig Moerl-san

1. information aboutmap

2. Shikoku's pilgrimage trail of the 88 temples.
As far as Shikoku is concerned I am interested to follow partly Shikoku's pilgrimage trail of the 88 temples. Is there any information available in English (description of the tour, maps, literature)?

3. A folding bike with a trailer.
I think about to bring a folding bike with me, one which is well equipped enough to compete with the challenges of Japanese mountains. There would be minor problems in the storage of the bike in the hotel during the first "official" week and during the necessary train trips. The disadvantage is that such a bike gives only limited possibilities to carry bags and camping utensils. A solution could be to take a trailer. But as far as a trailer is concerned. I suppose it must also be packed in a bag as bikes have to. Do you have any information or recommendations?


3. A folding bike with a trailer.
I think it is too hard to carry your bike and trailer in the Japanese train and in the station. I have never seen a camping cyclist with a folding bike.
When you are on a ride, put your camping staffs in the bike case. Other staffs should be on your shoulder like mountain treckers do or put a staffs on a small carrier .When you are on a train, you may carry staffs on your shoulder or by your hand.


Question(3/2) DonaldSchlief-san.

When I ride in Japan, would it be helpful/valuable for me to be a member of the JACC? Can I, as a foreigner, join the JACC? If I can join: How do I join? What is the procedure? If I send an e-mail of my proposed ride itinerary to your website, will JACC members in different parts of Japan meet me and/or join me for parts of my ride?


Thank you to be interested in JACC.
We, off course, welcome foreign cyclists.

To tell you the truce, our club has founded to help Japanese cyclists go abroad by bicycle. So we prepare few benefit for foreign cyclists now. I'm sorry.

Bike Friday & carry full sized bicycles

Question(2/4) DonaldSchlief-san.

Is A BikeFriday works good for Japan touring?
How much of a hassle is it to carry full sized bicycles onto trains, buses, ferrys, and planes in Japan. I know that I would need to bag my bicycle, but must the bicycle also be broken down to fit into a small bag?


1.Bike Friday
Which is more important for you to "travel by bicycle" or "travel by bikefriday"
If you choose just "travel by bicycle" it is better to bring your full size bike.
The main reason is a scale of wheel.
I heard the New world touring's wheel size is almost as same as BMX..It's too small. As I mentioned before you will meet slopes everyday in Japan.
Japan is volcano island so that the slope is usually steepy. I'm afraid the Bikefriday doesn't provide you a comfortable ride in Japan.
The bikefriday must be designed for a rider who will use other transportations,
I think this is its special advantage that no other bike has.

My advice:If you don't have a special reason for Bikefriday it is better to bring your Hybrid bike.
Save your money and use it for your experiences in Japan.

2.A hassle to carry full sized bicycles.
First, please see "Rinko" page.

It can show you how to transport your bike on trains, buses, ferrys, and airplanes in Japan.
Ferry accepts bikes as it is by paying some extra fee.
Bus:There are some kinds of buses;local one, high way bus, long distance...
Each bus companies have their own regulation.
Putting onto train with paying 270yen in one day is a popular way to carry our bike in Japan. So we, Japanese cyclists, don't think it is difficult even it takes a certain time to pack.

uploaded:08, 11, 2005